Past Life Story

A past life story of a young boy who recalls dying as a soldier in Beirut, Lebanon decades before he was born.

A woman from Virginia Beach, Michele Lucas, is confused about what is happening to her 4 year old child (2014). After psychological testing of her son, she is convinced that there is a ghost inside of her child. (Or, at least, that her son lived a previous life as a marine.)

Andrew has memories of another life that he shouldn't have: recollections of a soldier, Val Lewis, who died in a bombing explosion in Beirut, Lebanon back in the 1980s; but, the young boy remembers the tragedy as his own death.

How could this be?

Andrew, a boy with memories of a past life.Spooked
Michele is quite freaked. As a parent, who wouldn't be -- especially, when confronted with something so bizarre such as questions a parent just cannot answer. 

The boy keeps asking his mom, “Why did you let me die in that fire?”

(A photograph of the young boy is seen here. Andrew is sitting in a chair at his home, still haunted by confusing memories of a life once lived. How did he recall fighting and dying as a soldier?)

Researching the Past
Young Andrew is recalling things that a young child of his age should not know. The events scared his mother to the point that she wants to find out more about these memories. Astonishingly, Andrew was able to provide his mom a precise address of where he formerly lived – in Sumter, Georgia. So, Michele began doing research to see if there was any truth to the stories he was telling her. After all, how could he have made this stuff up or have heard of someone so disconnected from their lives?

Andrew was featured on the TV show entitled, 'Ghost Inside My Child.' The producers from the show helped Michele tie the detailed information from the boy's memories to a platoon of soldiers who tragically died in Lebanon back in the 1983. We should note that this was decades, yes, tens of years, before Andrew was born. 

Photos of the 6 marines were found by the family and the producers; and when they were shown to the child, he claimed to recall every single one of the soldiers. Andrew even claimed one of the photographs of the 6 men was him. He also knew that the other soldiers had all died.

Seeking closure, the family took the boy to the cemetery where the soldier, he had pointed out, is buried. The family had hoped this might bring some closure.

Fallen soldier, Val Lewis...While there, Andrew went right up to the grave site (as if he knew which one was the soldier in question), put flowers down. Then, he took off to another grave marker and said, “This was my friend (the grave ended up being another marine).” 

After all that, the memories of the past life still persist for the young boy. The mother is seeking help from a psychic to get more answers as of late 2014.

(A photo of the fallen soldier is pictured here.)