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This month's real ghost pictures were sent to Angels & Ghosts for all to see this ghostly new year!

AmishGhost Picture of the Month

Each ghost picture has its own page & story.  Many free to view, great ghost pics to enjoy for your own ghost study!

January 2008 Ghost Picture of the Month:   "1963 Ghost Picture"

Jan '08 Ghost Pictures
Old Ghost Picture  
Lengthened exposure or did his spirit re-appear?

1963 Ghost Picture
Do you see a face in the window in this photo?

Georgetown Hotel Ghost
Apparition picture taken by Holly of HPI is cool!

Third Person Ghost Pic
Where did this head in the picture come from...ghost?

Wispy Ghost Picture
Very nice capture of a spirit mist with vapor trails. 
Jan '08 Ghost Pictures
Group of Ghosts Picture
What is this?  Faeries, mini-ghosts?  Anything?

Scary Santa Ghost Photo
Picture of ectoplasm mist around Christmas display. 

Memorial Service Picture
Her mother showed up in this ghost picture... 

Orb Mist Ghost Pictures
Nice comparison of two pics having two anomalies. 

Mysterious Ghost Picture
Was this the capture of spiritual energy on film? 
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Jan '08 Ghost Pictures
Someone Standing Pic  
Is this image a ghost that manifested in the picture?

Cemetery Figure Picture
Ghost or what behind the monument?  Yikes! 

Late Mum Ghost Picture
Cell phone image captures a woman with a necklace.

Man Behind Me Picture
Ghost picture of a head beside her...a ghost? 

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