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This month's real ghost pictures were sent to Angels & Ghosts for all to see this ghostly season!

Staircase Ghost - Hue Adj.


Each ghost picture has its own page & story.  Many free to view, great ghost pics to enjoy for your own ghost study!

November 2007 Ghost Picture of the Month:        "Staircase Apparition"

Nov '07 Ghost Pictures
Spirit Presence Photos
Three nice ghost pictures of someone with them.

Family Gathering Ghost
Apparition appears behind a couple in this picture.

Ghost Cat Picture
Incredible ghost mist of their deceased feline!

Remodeling Ghost Photo
Stirring up a home with history shows ecto...

Raca Monastery Ghost
Apparition is caught leaning over a rail...
Nov '07 Ghost Pictures
1987 Ghost Picture
Ed & Lorraine Warren viewed this ghost photo...

Winchester Ghost Picture
The famous haunted mansion shows a ghost!

Staircase Ghost Picture
Cool capture of a ghost peering down over the rail!

Ghost Mist Picture
Kimball's Castle may be haunted according to this!

Audra State Park Ghost?
Is this figure a ghost or something else out there?

Great Grandfather Ghost
Is he visiting them? Check out this ghost picture!

Woman in the Window
Could this be an entity in this ghost picture?

Son's Ghost Photo
Did he appear in a cell phone picture?

Ghost Books!Earthbound Spirits
Nov '07 Ghost Pictures
Nevada City Ghost Pic
Face appears on the side of an old funeral wagon!

Boot Hill Ghost Picture
Is this a cowboy in Tombstone's haunt?

Psyche Ward Ghost Pic
A hand and arm are clear, but where's the body?

Family Reunion Ghost
Picture stymies relatives.  Who is this in the pic?

Nurse Ghost Picture
Is this the "head" nurse of a sanitorium?  Look...

Old House Ghost Pic
History haunts this building & mists seen.

Old Ecto Photograph
A good ghost mist picture that is awesome!!

Newport Mansion Pic
Ghost apparition picture taken at the gate.

 Orb Ghost Pictures
November Orb Pictures
ghost t-shirts picture
Christmas Spirit Pic
Ghost Picture taken in front of the tree

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