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The following ghost
stories were received by

Angels & Ghosts
These are ghost stories
from our archives (page
3), submitted by our
visitors.  As our
collection of ghost
stories grows, we will
continue adding them
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Ghost Stories
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Real Ghost Stories

Haunted 300 Old Mansion
Story of several paranormal
happenings in
England...and in Australia.

Little Boy Blue Ghost
Short, short ghost story
about the appearance of a
small boy...

Old House Ghost Stories
This old house has many
stories to tell...

Valerie's Ghost Story
Fantastic spiritual story of
her friend Mike's tragedy
and visits...

Krystal's Ghost Story
Ouija board story and

Crystal's Ghost Story
Story of things by Crystal's
bed that are scary...

Encounters With Spirits
Check out Brianne's ghost
stories of paranormal

Ruby's Ghost Stories
Eleven year old girl from
Australia shares her true
ghost stories...   

Uncle Johnny Ghost Story
A dying uncle haunts the
memories of a young girl...
Real Ghost Stories

Ouija Board Ghost Story
Heather tells of her ghost
experiences as a Wiccan.

Christmas Carols
Girl is haunted by a nasty
man ghost, so she sings

Katy's Ghosts?
Have you ever had a weird
experience happen and it
makes you wonder?

Anna's Ghost Story   
A guardian angel helped
Anna from Iraq deal with

Little Girl Ghost Story
Austin saw a little girl
sitting downstairs...

Friendly Ghosts in our
Short story of two ghosts
who live in her house.

Frightening Ghost Stories
Two true-life ghost tales
that were very frightening...

Sisters of the Lake
Short ghost story about a
shed at an aunt's home.

Ghosts Flipping Light
Thirteen year old's tale of
ghosts in her home.

My Daddy's Gift
Ghost story about six cats
and a scary encounter...
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Real Ghost Stories

Dovie's Ghost Story
Read about the shadow
man who haunts this family.

Summer's Ghost Story
What happened with
grandma and the mystery
of the attic?

Timothy Ghost Story
Strange story about a lady
and her relationship with a

Ginger's Ghost Story
Have you ever passed
someone on the side of the
road like this?

Hair Raising Ghost Story
Ghost experience
challenges Christian's belief.

Guy Ghost Story
Car in the ditch - scary
ghost story.

Mother God Ghost Story
Strange, short tale of a
white being in the middle of
the night.

WitchCraft Short Ghost
Very short tale of witchcraft
and a dead aunt.

Yellow Butterfly Ghost
Short ghost story about a
butterfly as a sign...

Two Short Ghost Tales
Dorset lady tells of her and
her mother's ghost
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