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Heather from Indianapolis, Indiana sent the following ghost story and thoughts...

One night, I was out with a my sister and some of her friends and we were trying
to find Hell's Gates, and of course, got lost. We drove around for two hours in
the middle of no where. Finally, there was old house we found. It was all
boarded up and the power didn't work.  We only had candles to light the way.
My sister's friend busted the door down and we all slowly walked inside, looking
around.  I took a candle and trying to be brave, walked into a room by myself. I
looked around and there was a prayer burned into the wall - and in the center of
the room, there was a circle of chairs and in the middle of those, on the floor,
was burned "666."  I went and got one of my sister's friends to check it out.
Then, he had the idea to do the OUIJA BOARD there.  So, we all sat in the
chairs, put candles around the OUIJA BOARD, and my sister asked the first
question, "Is there anybody in this house, besides us?"  It slowly moved to YES,
so she said, "Could you show yourself?"  No response.  But after 10 minutes of
waiting, I got this cold chill, and I had the feeling to get out of that house,
immediately!  So, I told everybody how I felt and they all started to call me a
"Wussy," and names like that...so I stayed in there with them.  But thankfully, one
of my sister's friends said that something was telling them to leave the house,
too.  So we picked up the candles and OUIJA BOARD, then left.  But as we
were leaving, we saw a barn.  So, we just had to check it out.  We walked in
there and we were dead silent, and we all heard the same thing, a horse
galloping.  It sounded like a horse's hooves were patting against the wood.  We
all wanted to leave after that, so as we got into the car, I could have sworn
somebody's face was in the window, watching us leave.  It was so creepy. And
a few miles down the road, there was an abandoned mental institution.  But we
didn't go there, because to us, the house was bad enough...

More thoughts from Heather:

(My name is Heather, and I am Wiccan.  I've been doing witchcraft for quite
sometime now.  But anyway, I was with my friend, driving down a country road
and we started to hear murderous screams, and pretty soon, about 10 minutes
later, we saw a little girl, with raggedy clothes, that were torn and ripped,
standing on the side of the road.  Her face was distorted and my friend and I
both went pale (so we know it was real if we both saw it). And as we drove past
it, it just faded into the air.  It was so creepy.  And several accidents occurred on
that road.  I wonder...)
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