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The following ghost
stories were received by

Angels & Ghosts
These are ghost stories
from our archives (page
3), submitted by our
visitors.  As our
collection of ghost
stories grows, we will
continue adding them
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Ghost Stories
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Ghost Stories

Victorian Ghost Story
This lady in costume dress
wasn't scary...

In The Eyes Of Our Kids
Christina's children can see
deceased relatives...

Abbie's Ghost Story
Short story of how a girl
can now see spirits...

How Far Will Love Go
Love continues on even in

Penny's Orb Story
Ghost story about orbs
zooming by Penny and an

Dovie's Ghost Story
Read about the shadow
man who haunts this family.

Summer's Ghost Story
What happened with
grandma and the mystery
of the attic?

Timothy Ghost Story
Strange story about a lady
and her relationship with a

Ginger's Ghost Story
Have you ever passed
someone on the side of the
road like this?

Hair Raising Ghost Story
Ghost experience
challenges Christian's belief.

Michelle's Mini Ghost
A young girl and her mom
have a difficult experience
with ghosts.

Jacob's Ghost Story
A ghastly man in the street
spooks a young boy.

Breyana's Ghost
Various short paranormal

Haunted Pink Floyd  
Story and pictures of a
mural with a cowboy in it!

Threatening Ghost Story
Story of a ghost threat and
Ghost Stories

Frightening Ghost Stories
Two true-life ghost tales
that were very frightening...

Saved By A Ghost Story
Horse trailer accident and a
ghost that was heard but
not seen.

My Three Ghost Stories
Ashley's tales of terror and
wonder at home.

Ghost of an Indian Girl
Jan's ghost story of a visitor
she had when young...

Ghostly Encounters
Ghost Story
Jan tells another ghost
story about her encounters.

Walmart Ghost Story
Raven's encounter with a
chair that moves on its own.

Tony Valentini's Ghost
Ghost coming out of a wall
that looked like Al Capone?

Barbara's Ghost Story
Chapel choir is haunted by
a singing ghost...

My Ghost Friend
Meagan tells story of what
some may call a child's
imaginary friends.

Ouija Board Ghost Story
Heather tells of her ghost
experiences as a Wiccan.

Brennan's Ghost Story
Ghost story of a caring
ghost living in her house.

Sundo Ghost Story
Weird trip freaks friends out
after accident.

Justin's Ghost Stories
Two stories that happened
to Justin when he was a kid

Paranormal Experience?
James tells us the story of
his stereo volume being
turned down.
Ghost Stories

Little White Men
Frightening ghost
story...are they ghosts or
from a UFO?

Scaring Myself Ghost
Tale of strange happenings
in a house after an accident.

Lady in White
Ghost story about a lady
who is searching for

Alexandra's Ghost
Ghost stories of a girl's
encounters at home.

Misty Johnson's Ghost
Ghost on a treadmill?  June
2005 story...

Heather's Ghost Stories
14 year old tells her two
tales of experiences after
doing Wicca!

Coin Spirit Ghost Story
Girl from India tells her
story of a spirit that haunts

Tombstone Ghost Story
Big Mike tells of
courthouse that gave him
the chills in Arizona.

Dorey's Ghost Story
An old house, ghosts and a
teenage experience.

Sensing Spirits Ghost
Psychic abilities and a
ghost story.

May's Ghost Experiences
May tells us her ghost
story and spiritual

Miranda's Haunted House
Her childhood home has a
haunting ghost story.

Have You Seen A Ghost?
Ghost story about a lady
apparition and even a lion!

Linda's Ghost Story
Linda lives in a haunted
house and she has the
story and pics to prove it.
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