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(or guardian angel?)
One night when I was about 8 years old; my mom, little brother, and myself
were coming home from church. We were on a lonely stretch of highway at
the bottom of a hill just passing over a small creek. As we started up the hill
on the opposite side of the road, traveling in the opposite direction, was a
lady in white. She had long dark hair, she was young, she had on a long
white dress, which was from an older time period. We could see her, but
could also see through her. She was floating down the side of the road, she
had no stride as a person does when they walk. We were all kind of quiet
for a moment, then I spoke up and asked if anyone else had seen her. My
mom affirmed that she had, and so did my brother. It was strange because
even as a young child witnessing this, I wasn't frightened.  Many years later
my mother told me that this was not the first time she had seen this
woman/girl. My mom had seen her before when she was younger. Could
she be a guardian angel??
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