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My cousins and I were staying at my auntie's lake-side house in Minnesota.  There was a
shed just opposite the lake, in front of the house.  We kept all of the tools and torches in that
shed.  One night, we had a black out and my cousin Hamish and I went in, to get a torch, but
we couldn't open the shed.  We thought we had the wrong key, so went back inside the house
to check.  It was the right key, so we went back out to double-check.  Hamish leaned on the
door before I tried again to open it; and it just fell open and he fell inside the shed.  He stood
up really quickly and put the lights on.  We gathered torches and went back inside the house.
When we took them back in the morning, all the paint cans at the back of the shed had fallen
down and there was paint everywhere.  Hamish and I got all of the blame for it, but we still
think it was a ghost!!
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