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The following ghost stories were received by
Angels & Ghosts.  Come search the
catacombs of the world's experiences...
These are ghost stories from our archives
(page 3), submitted by our visitors.  As
our collection of ghost stories grows, we
will continue adding them here:

Ghost Stories Archive 1
Ghost Stories Archive 2
Ghost Stories
For all of our ghost pictures and more, please visit our Angels & Ghosts home page.  Welcome to the ghost stories vault!
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Real Ghost Stories

Ohio Ghost Story
Does John have a couple
ghosts in his house?  He
thinks so...

Cindy's Robed Ghost
Eerie tale of a ghost
walking down her street.

Pub Ghost Story
Cold beer, cold hand, and
the shivers...

My Uncle's Ghost Story
Ghost story that took place
in Mexico one night...

Five Ghost Stories
Shawna has some creepy
ghost tales to read...

My Cousin's House
Ghost stories from a house
in Canada...spooky.

Italy Ghost Story Tour
Legends of Pisa, Tuscany
and more in Italy...old world

My Ghost Encounters
Several ghost stories from
a gal in Australia.

Ghostish Encounter
Kay stayed at a haunted
home for a while...and had
a ghostly friend.

Ghostly Psychic Stuff
Josh has some strange
psychic happenings down
Real Ghost Stories

A Few Ghost Stories  
Christian has been
experiencing a haunting it
sounds like...

Leigh's Ghost Story
Is someone following her
around and making her
room chilly?

Haunted House Story
Ghost stories from
Chelsea's former house she
lived in.

My Dog Maxie Ghost
Is Devin's dog still hanging
around him?

Puerto Rican Ghost Lady
Story of a former party girl
who can't hang up her
dancing shoes...

Large-Eyed Boy Ghost
Ghost story about a young
girl touching a ghost...eerie!

Theater Ghosts Story
Story of ghostly antics in
an old Michigan theater...

Ghost Named Martha
Short ghost story about a
sighting by mom and kid.

Katalina's Ghost Tale  
Young girl comes face to
face with a ghost after
seeing a psychic...
Ghost Stories '06/'07

May 06 Ghost Stories
Nice collection of ghosts...

June 06 Ghost Stories
Even more ghost stories.

Jul 06 Ghost Stories
Another collection of
ghosts in story.

Aug 06 Ghost Stories
A few good ghost stories
for your reading!

Sep 06 Ghost Stories
Ghost stories we collected
for this month...

Oct 06 Ghost Stories
Stories of ghosts to read
from Halloween month!

Nov 06 Ghost Stories
Read some great stories!

Dec 06 Ghost Stories
A few ghost stories...

Jan 07 Ghost Stories
Nice ghost stories...

Feb 07 Ghost Stories
Read more ghostly tales!

March 07 Ghost Stories
Some good ghost stories...

April 07 Ghost Stories
Read nice ghost stories.

May 07 Ghost Stories
More ghostly tales!
Ghost Stories '07/'08

June 07 Ghost Stories
Great ghost story reading
this summer month...

July 07 Ghost Stories
Good selection of ghosts
in stories from viewers.

Aug 07 Ghost Stories
New stories of ghosts
from viewers to you!

Sep 07 Ghost Stories
Ghost stories galore!

Oct 07 Ghost Stories
More stories of ghosts!

Nov 07 Ghost Stories
Ghost stories galore!

Dec 07 Ghost Stories
Ghost stories to explore!

Jan 08 Ghost Stories
More ghost stories!

Feb 08 Ghost Stories
We love ghost stories!

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