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by RN

When my mother put me to bed, I gave her a hug and kiss and said "good night."  But,  
unfortunately for me, it wasn't a good night.  At about 3:29 AM, I woke up to go to the
bathroom; but, as I looked down my hall, I saw a strange solid figure.  It was pure white...I
mean a BRIGHT white.  So, I gave it a second look, and I saw it putting its hands in my
mom's cabinet.

I said to it, "Who are you?"  It didn't listen to what I had said, so I walked down my hall.  
.Then, I got a "sudden pump" to my heart...I felt scared.  I walked a little bit closer.  
Suddenly, it stared at me; and I saw it open its mouth.  So, I ran to my room scared (I had
never ran as fast as I did that night). I jumped into my bed and went to sleep; only to wake
up the next morning to a strange noise (like a big smash).   Nothing was broken.  

And from that day on, I never saw another ghost.       
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