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by Stephanie Cunningham
When my family lived in England, my grandparents owned an old mansion that was well over
200 years old back then...IT WAS HAUNTED!  Several apparitions (Spanish? lady with a
dagger; moving furniture) had been seen and felt there, as well as knocking behind walls, etc.

When Mum & Dad were married, they lived with Mum's parents in the house.  Dad use to turn
out the lights each nigh, then come upstairs.  One night, Mum was waiting for him for ages,
and was beginning to wonder where he was....when suddenly he appeared at the door; his
face was white and his hair stood up like he had an electric shock!  Mum asked what was
wrong.  He said, "I'm never going to be down there along again!  I turned the lights
off...started coming up the stairs, when something grabbed me!  I couldn't move or speak!
Then suddenly, it let me go!"  

One night, they heard knocking behind a wall.  They followed it around the room to the
fireplace, where it stopped briefly - when it began again, it was on the other side of the
fireplace!  These are just a few things that went on there!!

Mystery Girl!

My story comes from a couple of years ago, when my son and daughter were younger and
we lived in a tiny little house that I called "The Shoe Box" for obvious reasons!  The kids all
use to play at each other's houses in and around the neighbourhood, and this one day our
kids were down around the corner visiting their friends.  It was about 5pm, and I had just
come in the back door with some washing.  I heard the front door slide shut...almost slam.
I called out the kids names...no answer!  I called out again, and no answer!  So, as I came
around the corner of a wall...I saw what I thought was my daughter, Nicky, limping across the
room and down the hall.  Knowing that she hurries to her room if she hurts herself, I said,
"Are you OK, sweetie?"  Still no answer!  I dropped the basket and hurried down the hall - no
one was there!  

The child I saw was definitely a girl about the same age and size as Nicky, with long dark hair
(although, scruffier) as well.  She walked with a sort of limp...dragging one leg sort-of-motion.
Just after this, the kids came home and wondered what was wrong.  When I told them, they
freaked out!  My son said it sounded like the girl who visits him at night!  Now,
I'm freaking
out!  After that day, some weird stuff happened: electrical appliances went on the fritz; things
always went missing, etc.  Did I see a ghost?
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