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This month's real ghost pictures were sent to Angels & Ghosts for all to see this ghostly new year!

Ghost Picture of the Month!
Each ghost picture has its own page & story.  Many free to view, great ghost pics to enjoy for your own ghost study!

February 2008 Ghost Picture of the Month:   "Grandpa's Chair Ghost Picture"

Feb '08 Ghost Pictures
Grandpa's Ghost Picture
Who is sitting in this chair holding the baby? Wow!

Darcy's Ghost Picture
Ectoplasm mist surrounds them in this photo. 

Berlin Ghost Picture
Incredible ghost picture taken at WWII memorial.

Ghost Figure Behind?
Is this a real ghost picture or did it get doctored? 

Naples, Italy Ghost Pic
Nice ghost picture of a spirit dancing with them!
Feb '08 Ghost Pictures
Cheshire Ghost Picture
Did she capture a ghost above her in this photo?

Allhallows Ghost Pics
Could be an apparition forming in these photos!

Ghost Boy Picture
Do you see a little boy behind her son? Hhmm...

Paris Catacombs Ghost
Ghost picture of a figure that looks like a skeleton!

Screaming Baby & Ghost
Could this be a photo of a former president with them?
Ghost Books!
Feb '08 Ghost Pictures
Owlpen Manor Ghost?
Be sure to see the large version of this ghost photo.

Shadows Ghost Pictures
Black mist seems to be in pictures with him. Why?

Hand On Back Ghost
Picture of a mysterious man that wasn't there.

Chuck E Cheese Ghost?
Young boy has spirit near him while playing...

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