February 2008 Orb Pictures

At Angels & Ghosts, we receive tons of ghost and angel pictures from all over the world, monthly. The most common pictures we receive are called "orb" pictures. We do not claim to be experts on "orb" pictures, as many disagree as to the significance of them in the ghost hunting community. Orbs can be caused by moisture, dust, flash reflection, lens flare and spiritual energy. Many have video-taped orbs flying around rooms - some are dust in front of the camera lens, with light from the flash reflecting off of it; others are balls of energy that many ghost hunters are not sure just what they represent. The latter produce their own light - some outdoor ghost lights, for example, have been proven to be electrical discharges of plasma, while others have not yet been figured out. Is this plasma, spirit? No one knows for sure, yet. We do not claim to have the answers, but we seek to present the evidence we receive and allow our viewers to research and decide on their own. It is hard to determine the exact cause of an orb for sure. Some are downright questionable, thus we cannot post all orb pictures we receive. We post these orb pics together (received from different people), so you can see how orbs appear in photographs of all types (no matter what the cause of them). As usual, look at these orb photos and you decide!

1: Natalie of West Michigan sent us this nice moving orb picture...
2: Do you see a cross in this orb taken at a wedding?
"...if you lighten it there is definitely a celtic cross in it. I have been trying to figure our for the last year what an orb with a cross in it means."- Stephy Brown
3: "This very strange, brilliant, white orb was not visible to me and it was not the sun - this was 8:00 am." - Susan Cormack, SilverMG.blogspot.com
4 & 5: "I've shown other people the orb and they too have noticed the face and other faces. This picture was taken this past week (Jan '08). My cousin has enhanced the picture in black and white, and has magnified the picture to see the face clearly. Many small children have seen a spirit in the house. This pic was taken in Laguna Vista, TX." - Armando Garcia
6 & 7: "I have recently gone through some older pictures from the '80's... There seems to be an orb above us as we are riding go karts. Upon looking closer, it seems as if there is a woman and man dressed up, holding hands. They seem as if they are dancing as they follow us around the house. We grew up in this house you see in the background, and it was very haunted. " - Jamie
8: AR sent this orb picture which looks like the head of a man with a beard. Is the orb an indication that someone is watching over their son?
9: Diann from Hayling Island, UK sent this cool orb picture:
"We are friends with an ex-London gangster and we were doing some photo shots (don't worry; the gun is fake), and there is a beautiful orb."