Ghost Pictures: Misc. Orb Pictures

We receive many orb pictures each month.  Some we post, and others we do not. This is but a few of them sent to us in August for September's viewing...

1-3: Rillis sent these two bike pics with orbs. Taken at the Desert Dash Bike Rally in Burns/Hines Oregon in August 2005

5 & 6: "This picture was taken on December 28, 2004. It is my middle son who is in our basement showing off one of his Christmas toys. When I downloaded my pics from my digital camera, I noticed these orbs around him and an extremely large orb above his head. When I zoomed in to the orb above his head, I could see the face of what looks to be a young boy, looking down at my son. You can clearly see the outline of his hair, eyes, and nose."- Sarah Chandler, Madison, IN

7: My house is totally freaky, I have seen a man here and we can hear a child crying. The stairs creek at night like someone is constantly walking down ad up them. Doors open ad occasionally slam shut. My two little sisters are scared to sleep withought a night light on. Were all pretty used to it though, nothing has really happened recently just small things like you can hear whispering and stuff. I had something touch my back once at the end of the steps, i freaked out and my mom looked at my back and it looked like something had scratched me between my shoulder blades but no one was behind me."  - Denise Matthews