Orb Pictures June 2006

At Angels & Ghosts, we receive tons of ghost and angel pictures from all over the world, monthly. The most common pictures we receive are called "orb" pictures. We do not claim to be experts on "orb" pictures, as many disagree as to the significance of them in the ghost hunting community. Orbs can be caused by moisture, dust, flash reflection, solar flare and spiritual energy. Many have videotaped orbs flying around rooms - some are dust with light reflecting off of it; others are balls of energy that many ghost hunters are not sure just what they represent. We do not claim to have the answers, but we seek to present the evidence we receive and allow our viewers to research and decide on their own.

It is hard to determine exactly the source of an orb for sure...some are downright questionable, thus we cannot post all orb pictures we receive. The following pictures have orbs in them, and we are not sure what caused them. We could claim them to be dust, but do we really know that? We just posted these orb pics together (received from different people), so you could see how orbs appear in photographs of all types...


1: "I took this picture in a graveyard the other day. I went home and loaded my digital camera into my computer and saw many awesome pictures of super charged orbs and a few of them where actually in motion. This picture was one that really caught my eye. I took this picture in Johnson county Indiana as a field experiment."
2: "The night I took this photo was clear and about 70 degrees. I took this picture right after I had smelled a strong sense of roses. I loaded the pictures onto my computer when I had gotten home and came across this one."- David, Indianapolis
3 & 4: "I am not sure what this is, but I can tell it's here! What do you think? I thought it was my camera, but I used the neighbor's camera and took a pic and it showed on her's, also. Then I used mine at her house, and it showed nothing -- its only in my house. I have several of orbs like that and some that look like a mist." - Melissa
5: A. Mulder sent this orb picture: "We have made this photograph in a cemetery in Ermelo (Netherlands)."
6: Carolyn V. sent this nice orb photograph to us recently.
7 & 8: Rasrandy sent us these pics:
"Me and my son at an old Union Cemetery on Long Island, NY."
9: "I take a lot of photos in vacant houses and here is my most recent. The one in the room with the big white area on the wall appears to have texture."-Nancy L.
10: "My boyfriend took hese pictures for me for a myspace account. Low and behold, those things that I think move in my apartment might very well be moving!" - Brea
11: Nice moving orb pic sent to us by Bunniluv.
12: Orb pic sent by Lavendertink...
13: Christine Winchester sent us this Sea World orb picture with her kids...