Warehouse Orb Photos

"August 14, 2004 we visited the Warehouse On The Canal Ghost Tour, again. Whenever I enter this basement where the former mortuary once operated, I can feel the presence of spirit instantly - as "tingles" or "goose bumps." The first photo shows the room I had shot previously and again I caught a moving orb before anyone had entered the room. I wanted to try and eliminate the kick-up of dust particles. If you go on the ghost tour, pay particular attention to the right corner, which is active in this room. A young girl has been reported to haunt this room by psychics.

The second photo shows moving orb spirit energy in the first room to the left upon entering the downstairs. This room was where they believe the bodies were prepared. There is an old elevator which has been reported to have a "prankster" ghost who grabs people from behind, trying to pull them into the elevator. Also, a depression in the floor in this room seems highly active. This night, a lady took a digital picture of the wall where an old window has been boarded up, and ectoplasm (it looked like fog) appeared in front of the wall in her ghost picture.

The owners are a treat, as they will readily tell much of what psychics have experienced in the former mortuary, as well as their own experiences in the haunted warehouse building. I highly recommend speaking with them as you tour the warehouse and a local pioneer cemetery."

3: This photo was taken above the depression in the floor in the mortuary's body preparing room.