Dad's Face in Orb Ghost Picture

Jake sent us this ghost picture of an orb enhanced to show the face within it. What an amazing story and ghost picture of dad's face in the orb:

"Okay, I am 15 and my dad died in October when I was 14. He died at 49 from a number of things. He was a large 6' 5" man who died extremely unexpectedly with my mom and I by his side. He was 49. Since then, I have never felt that his presence was gone. We recently came into contact with a friend of a friend who is a psychic. She does not charge or anything - just free. She is not a wack-job or anything, either. She is a registered nurse and does hours of community service out of the goodness of her heart. We spoke for about three hours and we communicated with my dad. My dad brought up past conversations, different achievements, our pet's names, and even my parent's wedding song. Also I had been looking for his watch and the psychic told me EXACTLY where it was. Things like this just don't happen. He also brought up my girlfriend's name and about how much he loved her (we have been together for three years and have been close friends since we were seven - she was like a daughter to him). I have no doubt at all that it was my dad. After all that, here is the point of this (writing). Yesterday, we were looking through our Christmas pictures. We then noticed what appeared to be an orb. When we zoomed in, our jaws dropped. It was clearly my dad. After we adjusted the brightness and various things we got this..."

"That is a random picture of my dad we had and to the right was what we had. I strongly believe that it is him it is undeniable that it was in fact my dad. Everything - the face, the smile, the lips, the's all too exact to him to be something else. This was not Photoshopped or anything. This is exactly how the picture came out. This orb showed up in the flash from the camera, but clearly it is him."