Colored Ghostly Spirit Orbs Picture

This photo shows many paranormal, ghostly, spirit orbs and in different colors! Green, blue, white and yellow colored ghost orbs can be seen in this ghost picture taken in the former mortuary at the canal level in the old 1906 warehouse. 10-25-2003

"Are these paranormal "orbs," balls of energy, dust particles or departed spirits in our midst? This area of the warehouse on the old Ohio Erie Canal had a lot of activity in it. Approximately, fifty "ghost hunters" tested the warehouse for changes in electro-magnetic fields, using electric measuring devices EMF meters, compasses, and dowsing rods. Several in the group were sensitive to ghostly, spiritual activity - being able to physically "feel" the presence of spirit. Many felt cold spots and "tingles" or "goosebumps" upon them. Others could feel the presences with them and beside them. At times, some felt they were being watched. It was very interesting to take digital camera pictures and capture evidence of the ghostly orbs. When the different testing methods combined, they pointed to spiritual activity occurring; providing further proof of the paranormal energies present with us."