Ghost Orb Portal

This portal picture was taken in the attic and shows an orb either moving super fast (super-charged orb); or multiple orbs following one another - a portal or gateway of some sort. They appear to be different colors. The movement begins in the lower left and moves upward and out of the picture. Then, the spirit orb trail re-enters the picture from the top and heads downward into a curl, and what appears to be an exit, out through the wall. Some call this a vortex or "vortice." Some believe this to be a portal or opening into a dimension - maybe this dimension???

Note: If you look in the background, you will also notice a bat hanging from the beam in the middle left side of the photograph.

UPDATE: Tanya sent us the following comment regarding this picture..."The long narrow thing on the right side of the photo stretching from top to bottom is in fact, not a portal. It's hair. Someone's hair getting in the way. Take a pic of your own hair getting in the way and you'll see what I mean. Although the other orbs in the pic seem to be authentic enough."

You decide...