Orb Behind Dog Photograph

Megan Hulme sent us an orb photograph that may be of importance. This orb appears as though it may be behind the dog in the photo. If so, the photographic anomaly would not be close to the camera lens, unlike dust orbs.

Here's the story behind the orb photograph which is just as interesting:

"The past few weeks my dog has been staring more towards the corner of my living room. One day I sat down to eat lunch. She's a very hungry and eager Chihuahua but before she came to try and attack my plate she looked in the corner and walked towards it a bit and then backed up as if something scared her. Then she stepped forward and the hair on her back stood up and she started growling and then ran down the hall. There was no reason for her to growl. The TV was off, the neighbor kids weren't outside, the mailman had already come, I was home alone, and I couldn't think of anything that would make her growl. And by the way, she never growls, she just barks annoyingly."

"About a week later I was laying on the floor watching TV and all of a sudden I smelled the scent of ivory soap that my grandma used to use to wash the dishes. She has been gone for three years now. We do not use that soap in our home, why would I smell that in the living room? In fact, my living room smells like dog!! I was excited. I was bored, so I took photos of my dog in the living room. When I reviewed the pictures, I noticed the orb. I zoomed in and noticed it was smiling! Could it be Grandma saying hello? My mom joked that it was our old dog that died when I was four that came back to sniff our new dogs butt!"

When looking at the close-up of the orb, it appears to be tucked behind the dog's backside. We're not so sure about the orb smiling, but we do know it cannot be dust, lint or any other particulate close to the camera lens reflecting the flash if it is not close to the lens. This photo may be nice proof of an orb that is unexplainable.