Orb Faces

Explore faces that mysteriously appear within some photographs of orbs...

Faces in orbs are a phenomenon that has intrigued many a ghost hunter. Whether you believe they are actual faces of people (ghosts and spirits), or merely coincidence, you have to admit that some of the images are striking. Over the years, we have collected quite a few orb faces. so we have chosen to display some of the photos together for comparison. (The following are some of the better orb faces we have seen.)

Can Orbs Be Real?

Orbs found in pictures have been debated furiously within the paranormal community. Some investigators do not believe that any orb captured in a photograph can be evidence of a ghost or spirit. Other ghost hunters believe orbs can be the manifestation of ghosts or spirits.

While most orb photos we see across the web are caused by the camera's flash illuminating dust, lint, pollen, moisture (or any airborne particulate), hair or glass, there are orbs that definitely are some form of plasma. Plasma orbs can emit their own light, being seen in darkness without an external light source shining on them.

Plasma is the most common form of matter, making up most of the visible and invisible universe – it is described by scientists as 'ionized gas.' Being reproduced in a lab environment, the Brown Mountain Lights phenomenon has proven that energy can be released as plasma balls of light – orbs. These naturally occurring orbs, or ghost lights, have their own illumination and can be captured in picture and video without any artificial light required to make them visible. They are visible to the naked eye as well as to the “eyes” of cameras and cam-corders. Another orb known to exist in nature, ball lightning, is a dangerous occurrence that can be reproduced in a laboratory; yet, we do not completely understand it or its behavior. The point is this: There are real orbs. We might not know what they are (e.g. supernatural), but we know they are indeed beyond what we consider to be 'normal.'

Do the orbs on this page show real human faces? You decide...

1: Smiling Orb Face
One of our favorite orbs with a face, Andy Webb submitted this photo to us many years ago. It almost looks like the man on the moon!

2: Video Orb Face
A YouTube video of a baby had an unusual orb in it. When zoomed in, you can see what looks like a man wearing glasses.

3: Dad's Orb Face
After Jake's father passed, he and his family were looking at Christmas pictures. This orb has a face strikingly similar to his dad!

4 and 5: Kat's Orb Faces
Kathy Owen of Arizona sent us the next two orb faces. In the first one, the head almost looks three dimensional. The second orb has a nice smiling face, similar to Andy Webb's orb.

6: Man With Beard Orb Face
This orb face is incredible, as it looks like a man with a beard who is rising up and out of the orb. Terry sent us this amazing orb photo. Her Uncle Greg took it in Elmwood Cemetery in Winnipeg, Canada.

7: Church of St. Catherine Orb Faces
Taken at a wedding in N.J., Charmaine Garcia Guida tells us the top center face is her late husband and the mother is right below his chin. We see another face at the top left.

8: Two Ladies Orb Faces
Linda Gray sent us this orb picture. Looking closely, it appears as though a long - haired brunette is to the left and a red head is on her right.

9: Grand Saline Orb Face
Doug visited Grand Saline, Texas, the site of a haunted wood. A man who ran Clark's Ferry across the Sabine River, one day, went crazy. He killed everyone on board the ferry at the time of the tragedy. Doug sent us a photo of many orbs; but this orb, at left, caught our attention. We see the face of a person looking to the left - a side profile of someone with long hair.

10: Man and Dog Orb?
Rob Kavanaugh sent us this orb photograph, and he tells us there is a man and dog in it. We can't help but see two men in the orb.