Warehouse Ghost Orbs Picture: Bright Energy

10-25-2003 Basement Level Energy (Former Mortuary)
"When I snapped this picture of ghost orbs with my digital camera, we could feel the presence of spirit upon us in the form of "goosebumps or chills." Were these from the orbs? We think so, because spirit is energy and orbs are energy. This warehouse is next to the Ohio Erie Canal which has a history of dark legends and lore. This is the canal level which served as a mortuary until about 1936, so it is no surprise there were spirit (or ghost) orbs present. We felt "cold spots" here as well as "goosebumps." Also, we experienced high EMF Meter energy readings coupled with very active dowsing rods. I felt compelled to keep snapping this corner of the former mortuary and I am glad I did! This is a super-charged orb in motion. Very bright. I do not believe this was caused by something very close to the camera reflecting the flash. This corner was highly active and the lady pictured was very sensitive to spirit energy. However, with so many people present, the amount of dust kicked up into the atmosphere had to be increased significantly. You decide.

Many of the other "orbs" are dust particles; especially odd-shaped blobs such as the one by the lady's shoulder and any circles with a center point, such as the very large faint "orb"in front of her."