Orb Photos: Uncrossed Orb?

Jodee lost her 17 year old son Daniel in a tragic robbery turned murder. She was gracious enough to send us the following orb photographs and story. We believe the photographs are intriguing:

"...these were taken the day I buried him. March 16th 2007.

My 10 year old daughter and her dad went to a daddy-daughter dance. They had already had the dress and new shoes and even a new suit, because my husband works in the shop. So instead of not taking her, they went anyway.

The last half hour (of the dance), I went there and took some photos; take a look. I sent them to a psychic and she said that the orbs were definitely my son Daniel, and he wanted us all to know he was still with us and that he was OK. Just check them out (keep in mind these orbs have never shown up on my camera since I’ve had the camera three years)."

Because we received cropped versions of the photos, we cannot confirm if the same orb appeared in the exact same spot of the image. If it didn't, then we are compelled to suggest that maybe the young man was hanging around his family, his presence not being white from having not proceeded to the light, yet. The light is a reunion with loved ones in spirit, a process of resetting and life-review. 

If the orb is in the exact same spot in all of the images, then we would suspect a lens smudge from a finger.