Picture of a Ghost Orb by a Face

Recently we received this weird orb picture and story:

"This pic was taken four years ago I think. That year my son's father had passed away and in 1998 (I think) the owner of the property was killed crossing the street in front of the house while he was carrying a sheet of drywall. It was taken with a 35mm camera and no other picture on that role had a smudge like that. Even on other rolls, pictures taken at that spot showed nothing. As you can see, there is nothing in the pic that could've given that "glare". If you look at the circle part, there's an outline around it and it goes down to outline the shoulders. I'm just starting to learn Photoshop so this pic is unaltered. I couldn't even blur out the person it in. If you look at the shadow of the nose, you can see that the outline goes in front of the shadow. Or so it seems."