Orb Pictures August 2007

At Angels & Ghosts, we receive tons of ghost and angel pictures from all over the world, monthly. The most common pictures we receive are called "orb" pictures. We do not claim to be experts on "orb" pictures, as many disagree as to the significance of them in the ghost hunting community. Orbs can be caused by moisture, dust, flash reflection, solar flare and spiritual energy. Many have videotaped orbs flying around rooms - some are dust in front of the camera lens, with light from the flash reflecting off of it; others are balls of energy that many ghost hunters are not sure just what they represent. The latter produce their own light - some outdoor ghost lights, for example, have been proven to be electrical discharges of plasma, while others have not yet been figured out. Is this plasma, spirit? No one knows for sure, yet. We do not claim to have the answers, but we seek to present the evidence we receive and allow our viewers to research and decide on their own. It is hard to determine the exact cause of an orb for sure. Some are downright questionable, thus we cannot post all orb pictures we receive. We post these orb pics together (received from different people), so you can see how orbs appear in photographs of all types (no matter what the cause of them). As usual, look at these orb photos and you decide!

1: "...last year at my cousin's wedding at the Grand Palace Theater in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. It is said that Klondike Kate's spirit still lives there. At the wedding, weird stuff happened like a candle in a jar that was left on a table with no one at it, tipped over and lit the table on fire... "- Kristi Medicine Hat, Alberta
2: "They say a few construction workers died while building the Luxor Hotel (Las Vegas), and ghosts still haunt the casino..."- Summer W.
3: Moving orb...
"...taken when my friend and I were ghost hunting."- Cody Hicken, Wisconsin
4: "We were taking pictures for fun and this came up over my friend's head."-Rose B.
5: Close-up of the same orb from Rose. Is that a figure in it?
6: Moving orb...
"My friend Rita took this photo in Key West, she was on the haunted places walking tour, about 8:30 pm on a clear night."
7: "I went to my family's lake house in the Adirondacks a few weeks ago, during the full moon."- Belan B.
8: "I went to visit a friend in Boston and booked a ghost tour. On the tour we went by Mary Sullivan's apartment, she was the 7th (I believe) Boston Strangler victim. Her apartment was on Charles Street over a bakery. The picture I took has a white orb in the window..."- Christina Cochcroft
9: Mary Sullivan apartment in Boston.
10: "I was on vacation in Hawaii and we went to Makua Cave. This cave is very old and legend has it that there was a Shark Man that lived there."- Sam Thorkildsen
11: "This was taken in Oct. 2004 in Harrisonville, Missouri."- James Antolick
12: "My husband and I went to Tennessee with some friends to witness them getting married. On our last day, we went on a ride through the mountains. We stopped at these old empty log cabins. Nothing special had happened that day, it seemed really normal, until I walked up past the last cabin and there was a thick dark patch of woods. I don't think I have ever felt such an eerie feeling. I was by myself, as everyone else was lingering behind. Something came over me; it was fear mixed by a want to be there and explore. My husband hollered my name to come with them, so to remember the feeling, I snapped a quick picture with my little generic Kodak camera. It doesn't even have zoom. We looked at the pictures a hundred times and one day I just saw it. It was my very own orb, from my very strange encounter."- Carrie
13: Close-up