Ghost Pictures: Orb Pictures

We receive a lot of orb pictures and here is just a few and their stories. Orbs can be caused by flash reflection off of shiny surfaces, dust, moisture, insects and of course spirit!

1: "This is a pic of me and my brother in Bodmin jail in Cornwall.  The jail has been featured on Most Haunted.  My dad took a photo of us on his digital camera.   When we looked back at the pic we discovered it had orbs all over."

2: The image is a little blurry because I had to send it to you in a large format but just step back from your screen and you will see the small boy at the top center of the orb.  I can't make out anything inside the orb but other people say they can.  Hope this peaks your interest.  - Jason LLoyd

3: This is a picture I took just this last weekend, a group of my friends and I went camping up at Craig county in Virginia.  We arrived actually at night and set up camp - I had a disposable camera with 27 exposures; and of all the pictures that were taken that night, this is the only one that looked to have orbs of some kind in them.I dont have any other explanation of it, whose knows right? - Erin Nati

4: Orb captured at the Jennie Wade House Museum in Gettysburg.

5: "I took this photo at a concert i just recently went to and I noticed all these orbs..."-Lavendertink

6: "I have a picture you may want to look at. Here is an orb in my house that seems to have a face and hands in it. You can clearly see something in the small photo that I cropped and lightened."-Gwen