Dad's Orb Ghost Picture

Christina sent this ghost pic of her father. It is more interesting, the more we look at it - especially when you look at the windows in the background. Is this disturbance caused by paranormal energy? You decide:

"This pic was taken two days ago at my father's house, John from Lake Dallas, Texas. ...Dad e-mailed the pic originally, to show me his new dog Mitsy; then, called me today and said look at that pic, again. Sure enough, over my dad's right shoulder is what I have seen some call 'orbs.' So, now my dad is going to start taking more pics around the house to see if he sees anything else. We have no idea who this angel or spirit could be, but some great grandmother which thought of my father as her own son...then, there are some animals that have recently passed away - Puss (cat), Sunday (Collie), and Smudge (English Spaniel), Bubba (cat), Kanas (cat)...over many years these animals were all life-long living in this house, since they were young kittens or puppies or older homeless animals my mom Diane has taken in. Maybe you can give us some insight on this pic. We have never experienced anything like this before."