Recital Orb Ghost Picture

Jana recently sent us this nice orb ghost picture:

"I had never heard of orbs before until I found this website today! I have a couple pictures that these strange circles have shown up in and have never understood why or what they were. The one I am attaching was the very first one I ever photographed. This is at my daughter's Christmas recital. There is one "orb" right next to her in an empty spot on the stage. The surrounding children all seem to be"looking" at it but its not there! It was so strange, but look...there were more around the room! I had a sister who passed just prior to this event, and several other loved's funny that you say they could be spirits because when we saw this picture we said that these were the spirits of our loved ones. Maybe our intuition told us eh? Since this we have noticed these orbs in photos during special family gatherings mostly...we have learned to check for them and get disappointed when they aren't there. Thanks for your site, it was fun!"