Ghost Pictures: Haunted Orbs

It sounds like Amy has a haunted home, and she sent us some interesting orb pictures. These orbs are bright and distinctively different from typical flash reflection off of dust...

"My mother passed away when I was 13 years old. Shortly after her passing, I awoke to a glowing figure of a person at the foot of my bed, but couldn't see a face. I am now 34 yrs old and moved back into this same house I was raised in 3 yrs ago. Since I have been back, some strange things have happened; doors will shut on their own -- one particular porcelain rose (which was my mother's) will fall from its shelf with no explanation, but will never break when it hits our hardwood floor. So we decided to take pictures on our digital camera and this is what we found. What is your opinion as to what this could be?"

"There has not been anyone in our home before my mom passed. My mom and dad built this house when I was a child, and the only people that has lived in it since then is me, along with my husband and children. I did, however, have a sister that grew up with me in this same house also, that passed away 7 years ago from pneumonia (she was also severely disabled) mother was a spiritual woman."