Orb Pictures July 2006

At Angels & Ghosts, we receive tons of ghost and angel pictures from all over the world, monthly. The most common pictures we receive are called "orb" pictures. We do not claim to be experts on "orb" pictures, as many disagree as to the significance of them in the ghost hunting community. Orbs can be caused by moisture, dust, flash reflection, solar flare and spiritual energy. Many have videotaped orbs flying around rooms - some are dust with light reflecting off of it; others are balls of energy that many ghost hunters are not sure just what they represent. We do not claim to have the answers, but we seek to present the evidence we receive and allow our viewers to research and decide on their own.
It is hard to determine exactly the source of an orb for sure...some are downright questionable, thus we cannot post all orb pictures we receive. The following pictures have orbs in them, and we are not sure what caused them. We could claim them to be dust, but do we really know that? We just posted these orb pics together (received from different people), so you could see how orbs appear in photographs of all types...

1 & 2: "One day I invited my best friends over, Sierra and Steph. We decided to play in the basement with my camera...but on one picture we caught an orb...next to Sierra and Steph! ...Stephanie said that the orb was caused by the reflection of light, and when she pointed to the window (she was 15 feet away from it), I snapped a photo. There was an orb next to her." - Emily
3: Charlie VanLoan captured some orbs next to Trixie, his dog one evening.
4: "I wanted to share this photo of my daughter with her friends over at her best friend's Aunt's house, here in Dallas, TX. Taylor, my daughter (the blonde teenager) states that, "there are times that when they are over, they can see the ghosts, and feel them, that it tends to get really chilly in certain spots in the house". Her Aunt lives one street over from us. There are two orbs in this photo. This photo was taken with a digital camera." - Tammy Rutledge
5: "It was such a gorgeous night out, the spirits must have wanted to enjoy the night time cool air also. Picture taken June 17, 2006."- Sandie www.sandiespsychicstones.com
6: "I took these pictures at my friend's house who says there are a good number of spirits in their house - one pic is of a big orb..." - Lee Cabe
7: These photos were taken on Feb 26, 2006 at my friend's 21st B-Day party...at a private club for Veterans called the AMVETS (American Veterans). I could not believe all these little blurbs were on my photos, I thought to myself what is wrong with my camera. I have recently had strange things happen to me which made me decide to research ghosts/angels. I am not real sure what these blurbs are, but it is amazing how many there are. I do know that a great number of Veteran members have passed since I have been associated with this club (20 years). - Jennifer Callahan, Roanoake, VA
8: Two huge orbs in front of this house. Picture taken by "King" Evans.
9: Graduation orb picture sent to us by Kelly Gossett from Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
10 & 11: "There are massive orbs is the photo and many I am sure are dust. However, if you click on the lower orb on the left side of the window shade you will see the face of a toddler…Others too in the photos - Spooky – I have way too much activity in that room. It was so cold I grabbed the camera and this is what I got." - Judy Powels
12: "I have extracted another “face” from the center orb of the photo ran in July. You can see the woman and if you rotate you will see a chubby faced man..." - Judy
13: "My name is Mary Shoemaker and I am from Ocean Springs Mississippi. We live in a very old house and have tons of pictures with orbs. I don't know if this house is haunted but I do hear and think I see things all the time."
14: "You can see a face in the...picture, it was taken at MGM. Look at the top of the closet..." - Kwaziri