Joey's Ghost Photo - Orb

Here is one of Joey's ghost photos with an orb at the bottom and his explanation:

"My name is Joey, I live in Lacey, Washington. I recently started noticing orbs of light in some of my photos. I started researching this oddness-and at first thought that they could be dust-except that even in pics taken in succession, the orbs always move upward-rather than down as I would suspect that dust would float up then down-not the opposite. I have been combing through old photos and realize that I have orbs in many, many pictures-I know your limit is 3 to attach. So I am sending 3 orb pics totally separate occasions-where there was nothing in the pic before and nothing after. Perhaps they are dust-I can't say for sure-but, I do have a housekeeper-so if they are I should probably fire her. And, this house, while a fairly new construction does have some very odd things happen. Doorbells going off for no reason-over and over again, doors that were closed opening by them self; the distinct sound of movement/walking when there is no one upstairs, doors that apparently lock themselves (ie-the laundry room entry to the garage keeps locking us out of the house)...a lot of odd stuff going on here. Here's the clincher that makes me believe-I constantly have tiny feathers floating down and landing on me-in my hair, on my desk at doesn't matter where I am-I keep getting these little feathers. Call me crazy-but I am totally serious. With all of this happening-I have in the course of a year consulted 3 different psychics-without me saying a word...every one of them told me that I am surrounded by several guardian angels-a small army. And while I don't practice any form of formal religion-and haven't for years...they all have known and mentioned that I am very spiritual. So, if you could let me know what you think of the pics...I would be grateful. If you would like to review more of my orb pics - let me know...I have many-in all different lights and circumstances. If you want-feel free to use the pics on your website." - Joey K.