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Pictures of Ghosts!

Pictures of Ghosts have fascinated people for over 150 years.  Below we have collected a few more pictures of ghosts to add to our large collection, and for your viewing pleasure.

Be sure and look through all of the ghost pictures found within our ghost photos archives, and the main ghost pictures page.

Pictures of Ghosts:

Christmas Ghost Picture
We look critically at one of the wide-spread pictures of ghosts.  Is it real or a fake?

Pictures Of Ghosts: Apparitions
Ruth Brinkley posted a ghost picture with lots of stuff to look at it in it...

GPS Ghost Picture
Fantastic image of what looks like a pirate to us in this ghost photograph.

HPI Ghost Picture
Nice shadowed apparition in photo by Haunted & Paranormal Investigations.

Cortijo Fain Resort Ghost Picture
A.C. knew as soon as he saw the photo that something wasn't right about it.

Miranda's Ghost Picture
Stunning photograph of possibly a ghost of a former resident...

Man In Hallway Ghost Picture
A shadow the shape of a person is captured at the end of a hall in this ghost picture.

Queen Mary Ghost Photograph
Pictures of Ghosts:

Queen Mary Ghost Picture
Incredible ghost image captured by Joe's uncle.  Best ghost photo from the ship...

Christine Ghost Picture
Very intriguing apparition capture in a mirror by Planet Paranormal Investigations.

India Ghost Picture
Is this transparent figure a ghost or a clever manipulation?  Great ghost photo...

Mansfield Prison Ghost Picture
A see-through man is an enigma in this ghost photograph.  Who was he?

Skeleton Ghost Picture
Yep, you read right.  Sharon photographed a ghost skeleton in an Edinburgh vault.

Middle School Ghost Picture
Faint face of a woman is found peering through a window during a play.

Article: Lens Flare In Ghost Pictures
New article about lens flare and how some light anomalies are not ghosts.

False Ghost Pictures: Lens Flare
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Pictures of Ghosts
Ghosts are spirits of disembodied people who seem to be captured in a variety of ways in pictures.  Some "ghosts" captured in pictures cannot be easily explained away as being camera malfunctions, flash reflection, etc.  When  what one considers to be normal explanations are ruled out, what we are left with is a possible paranormal phenomena - something beyond what is considered to be normal.  We believe that both ghosts and spirits can appear in different forms, from apparitions, to mists, balls of light,  energy, and moving shadows.  Pictures of ghosts have helped us in understanding ghostly manifestations in a greater way. 

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