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Psychic Videos  

Table Tipping Video
Psychic video of a spirit tilting
a table at a seance...

Table Tilting Video
Psychic video of another table
tilting experience caught on

Psychic Table Video
Tables rocks as it slides
across the floor in this psychic

Glass Divining Video
Glass moves across the table
as answers are given by the
spirits...via a psychic.

Psychic Glass Divination
Getting answers from the
spirits using a glass.

Spirit Light Psychic Video
Ghost or spirit shows psychic
its ability to turn out the
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Haunting Psychic Video
Psychics hold a seance
together.  Table slides back
and forth...

Ruthin Castle Psychic Video
More clips from the
investigation of a haunted
place by psychics.

Ouija Board Video
This video features a psychic
using the board with another
lady to divine answers.

Orbs Around Seance Video
Psychic video of orbs floating
around a group gathered at a

Orbs Above Seance Video
More footage of moving
anomalies in this psychic
video from Haunted Realms.
Ghost Hunting Video   

Ghost Videos     

Other Scary Videos
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