Thought Photography Picture

Gabreael of Eastern Paranormal sent us these amazing thought photography photos and story...

"I have not one thought photography pic, but two. They were taken on the same island. I would think they were double-exposure, but it was fresh film and he was thousands of miles away. I was so homesick that day. It was simply terrible. Very odd pictures.

I was on a ten day cruise of the islands with my mother. The morning I took these two pictures I woke up so homesick as my husband had not taken the trip with us. I loaded my 35 mm camera that morning thinking of my husband and as we went on a bus tour of the islands. I was on an overlook thinking, "I wish he was here to see this."

When I got home from my cruise and picked up my film I was shocked at the two pictures of my husband in them. As the film was loaded thousands of miles away from him on the boat docked at the island so there was no way it could of been double exposure."