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ghost videos
Searching and documenting ghosts
and the paranormal, we receive and
search for ghost videos to post on
our ghost videos page.
Our collection of ghost videos is growing, so be sure
to stop back!  Ghosts in videos are hard to capture.  
Sometimes, a really good ghost video surfaces with a
full bodied ghost apparition moving across the video
screen.  We have both real & fake ghost videos for
your enjoyment.

You may need Flash 9 or the FireFox browser to see videos.  It's free.

Featured Ghost Videos!       
Ghost Hunt Videos
The best proof of the existence of ghosts could be
ghost videos.  That being said, video tricks are easier
to create with available software and know how,
today.  You must decide if each video has proven the
existence of ghosts or if it has been faked.  Have fun
and enjoy your stay!
Our Ghost Videos

Real Ghost Video
Ghost caught on a video
camera phone on a school

Scary Ghost Video
This is the most
unbelievable fake ghost
video - must see!!

Prison Ghost Video
Caped ghost appears and
disappears on this prison
catwalk video...

Orb Ghost Video
Norm sent us this gif of an
orb moving ghost video.

Hampton Ghost Video
Hooded ghost figure walks
through palace back doors
on security camera video.

More Ghost Videos
Another page of ghost
videos to watch and enjoy!!
Girl Ghost Video
Creepy girl by a grave site
freaks out some guys who
find her...

Car Ghost Video
Ghost car drives through a
fence & keeps on going.

Gettysburg Ghost Video
Video taken on the grounds
of the haunted battlefield...

Ghost & Other Videos

Psychic Videos
Check out these ghostly
videos to watch...

Ghost Hunting Video
Learn how to ghost hunt in
this ghost video.

Scary Videos
A nice collection of videos
to spook ya'!
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Possession ghost video.  

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