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A statement about our anti-religion beliefs:
We offer some of the funniest anti-religion quote t-shirts, apparel and bumper stickers available.  Our anti-religion sayings have been selling on merchandise for years and will make a pointed statement to those who are leading others astray by use of religious fear.  Having formally come from a religious background, we suffered the eventual persecution from those who did not understand when we became antireligion in nature.  Religion to us is the manmade attempt by man to come to God, but often is also used as a way to control others through fearful teachings for personal gain (albeit many religious leaders claim it is either to "save" people, build the building, program, size of the congregation, etc).  Unfortunately, false teachings make a person look outside of himself/herself for direction and life's answers.  

We believe the answers for each individual can only be found within a person, thus this is why even the man Jesus was anti-religion.  Yes, many people miss the fact that he attacked the leaders of his day, not the common people; he was truly a model of anti-religion leadership.

How come religion is bad?  We are anti-religion, because religion seeks to gain converts and control their minds through fear, typically. Religion and its leaders believe that they are "saving" a person from an eternal hell, but actually put many unknowingly into mental trauma. Thus, to be anti-religion is to stand against those who bring harm against others, while at the same time it can be used as a tool to point people to become spiritual - to look within their own hearts for truth.  Anti-religion is not hate, but loving benevolance to all...

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Antireligion apparel of all sorts including tees, t-shirts, tshirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, and even coffee mugs, decals, stickers, bags, buttons and more...all with antireligion quotes on them!  Anti-religious t-shirts speak against manmade organized religious ideals and not people.

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