Florida Cemetery Ghost Video

The following is a very good night vision video of a moving ghost mist as recorded at a cemetery (we were asked to keep it unnamed) in Bunnell, Florida by Nima R.

You are actually looking at a smartphone recording of the video as it plays on a computer monitor. We shortened the length of the video and provided a screenshot. We've included more information about the ghost clip below the video.

The story behind the Florida cemetery ghost sighting...

"I saw on Facebook that the city I live in, in Florida, had a ghost hunting group -- and people were doing it. So my wife, her cousin and husband, and two other others went out to a cemetery close by where we live.

I knew in the dark that the only thing that could capture anything would be my night vision camcorder. I brought that with me and started filming (not believing in ghosts, at first). I filmed and filmed; and I did not know if I had caught something when my family and others asked me, but I said, 'I might have. But I'm not sure.' I told my wife to remember '14 minutes' since that was the time on my camcorder when I thought I saw something.

Sure enough, when I go to my wife's cousin's home, I rewind my tape and go to the 14 minute mark. Since I didn't have my video transfer DVD recorder with me, I just recorded the video with my cellphone -- that is why you hear background sound of my wife's cousin (the above video was muted by Angels & Ghosts). Sure enough, I did catch a ghost and showed it to whoever was over at my wife's cousin's home, and they were all shocked and couldn't believe it.

I then uploaded the video onto our site on Facebook of the ghost hunting page of our town. The people who saw the video on that ghost hunting page couldn't believe it, either, and were shocked. Still today, I am going back to that cemetery and seeing if I can catch anything; but nothing other than sounds and bugs are what I hear. But, other people have caught strange sounds from something invisible to the person listening."

We made a second video after receiving the original footage for comparison. It is video #2.