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Ghost Pictures

Ghost Pictures.
This page is a past resource for ghost pictures and photos.

Welcome to our ghost pictures past page. This page served as our main photos page for about 5 years. You'll find many individual ghost photos listed.

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Best Ghost Pictures

Ghost Pictures Gallery
The following links are to various ghost pictures that are quite fascinating:

Clowning Around Ghost Picture

Vortex Ghost Picture

Arthur's Ghost Pictures

Cemeteries Ghost Pictures

Strange Ghost Pictures

Grandfather's Ectoplasm Picture

Ecto & Shadow Ghost Pictures

Matt's Ghost Pictures

North Carolina Ghost Pictures

Disneyland Ghost Picture

Schoolyard Ghost Pictures

Victorian Lady Ghost Picture

Beaver Dam Ecto Ghost Picture

Australian Ghost Picture

Skegness Spirit Picture

Old House Mists Ghost Pictures

My Sis Ghost Picture

Two Faces Ghost Picture

Unexplained Figure Ghost

Piscataway House Ghost Picture

'05 Gettysburg Ghost Pictures

Basement Anomaly Ghost Picture

Native American In Mirror Pic

Pink Anomaly Ghost Picture

Floater Ghost Picture

Figure On Headstone Ghost Picture

Kim's Ectoplasm Ghost Picture

Graveyard Ghost Picture

Hand Print Ghost Picture 

Banning Ghost Picture

Blackpool Waxworks Ghost

Fallen Camera Ghost Picture

Animal Spirits Ghost Picture

Casper's Ghost Picture

Haunted Research Cam Ghost Pics

White Lady Ghost Picture

Ghostly Pic!

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More ghosts to see...

Disembodied Head Ghost Picture

Soldier Apparition Ghost Picture

Dog Spirit Ghost Picture

Ghost Figure Ghost Picture

Ghost Town Ghost Picture

Tiffany's Ghost Pictures

Peek A Boo Ghost Picture

Martin Luther King Ghost Photo

New Orleans Ghost Picture

Woman's Face Ghost Picture

Haunted Museum Ghost Pictures

Ghost Lightning Ghost Photo

Face By Baby Ghost Picture

Bald Man In Window Ghost Photo

Dark Man Ghost Picture

Unbelievable Ecto Ghost Picture

Boy Rufus Ghost Picture

Red Orbs Circle Ghost Picture

Halloween Night Ghost Picture

Incinerator Ghost Face Picture

Face Over Shoulder Ghost

Dog Feeding Ghost Picture

Garden Gate Ghost Picture

Apparition In Cemetery Ghost Picture

Winchester House Ghost Picture

Granddaughter Ghost Picture

Little Girl Ghost Picture

Man Behind Girl Ghost Picture

Highway Ghost Picture

Hampton Court Ghost Picture

City Ghost Apparition Picture

My Husband Ghost Picture

Haunted Hospital Ghost Pictures

Haunted Queen Mary Ghost Pic

Haunted China Cabinet Ghost Pic

Haunted Pub Ghost Pictures

Baby Ghost On TV Photograph

See more ghosts in our Ghost Photo Archives!


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