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Ghost Picture of the Month of May 2005!

Crystal sent us this ghost picture of what looks to be a Victorian woman in a hat or even a "French Maid"
standing on the front porch of this old house.  We couldn't resist declaring it our Ghost Picture of the Month.

"I had driven often past this house and was always drawn to it, but I don't know why...until this day.  I had my cam
with me and I decided to take a picture - I don't even know why I did that; but I did. Though taken through my car
window, I am sure that it is not a trick of light...on the far right of the balcony, there seems to be a woman
dressed earlier days, with a hat on. What do you think?"
I live in
Canada in
the province of
Québec, the picture
was taken in a little
village called
Ulverton, not far
from my home town
of Drummondville.
of The
Lady on
the Porch!

Recently, we received these comments:

My dad looked at the picture with a magnifying glass and it looks like it is the
whole family... a man with a bear telling something to the lady...he is on her left (
your right ); and there is also a girl in front of them effectively dressing like in the
old times; and probably a boy too...  I could not see the boy, my dad says it is
there...anyway, thanks for your time and you have a very cool site...


Miguel Martinez , JR
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