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Sondra and Ron sent us this eerie ghost picture and story...we see a distinct woman's face that is not a reflection:      
"Christmas night '05 -- tell me what these people are all about in my mother's window."
"The photo was taken
at night with a Fuji
2800 zoom digital
camera while our family
was in a family room in
the basement of the
house.  Our video
camera was pointed at
the same window and
we have watched the
footage and do not see
anything in the video
however my mother's
dog stood at the
window and looked up
at the window at one
point.  The level at the
bottom of the window is
ground level.  There is
a deck outside and if
there was anyone
outside looking inside
they would have had to
be on their belly with
their neck torqued in
an impossible way.  We
have no one in our
family that looks like
this nor was anyone
standing directly in
front of the window
(inside) to make that
Close-up of the
unknown woman's
UPDATE: "This photo has created much conversation (and speculation) among our family.  
It appears that some of the older members of the family believe this to be my deceased
great grandmother.  She passed away during the 1980s at the ripe old age of ninety-nine
years. The couple in the photo are my aunt and uncle, and interestingly enough my aunt
had spent the week making a photo album of my great grandmother out of old photos that
she had just found locked away in storage.  She shared the photo album with all of us on
Christmas night when this photo was taken.  

My aunt cried when she saw this photo and declared that it is indeed my deceased great
grandmother.  Incidently, grandma had very dark features (skin, hair, even dark circles
under her eyes!) and could probably have passed for African-American.

I had forgotten to include the fact that we had a video camera running on record and
pointed in the same direction as the camera was pointed.  We watched the video and ruled
out anyone's reflection, skeptics that we are.  We also viewed the exact time the photo was
taken and there is nothing visible in the window pane.  However, the dog in the photo
seemed to watch the window a lot during that time."
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