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Pat Morgan of Foster, RI sent us fantastic ghost pictures:

1) of an unidentified image

2) a cloud or ectoplasm that was moving.  This cloud moving across the screen looks similar to an
apparition video we posted a couple moths ago from Mexico.  The apparition was "cloud-like" as it
moved across the screen.:

"I was taking photos for Cards and I took some random road pictures for men's cards.  The area is
of a town and mill demolished for a reservoir.  A couple of great cemeteries down the road.  It was
afternoon and the light pretty good. I took two of this same road they are on disc side by side on
the first nothing, a slight pan and I found this.  The floater was not visible to me at the time, but I
have other strange photos from the same area."
"I was again taking pictures on the same area as before.  
A demolished town  and mill used for a reservoir.   I had
finished and put my camera down when a strange cloud
detached itself from the right and drifted slowly across
the road.  I stared and then as an afterthought took some
pictures.  Good day, sunshine and lots of tree shade.  No
traffic but me.  Picture from Scituate, RI."
Note: Pat sent us three more pics
of the vapor cloud enhanced in
purple color.  They are at the
very bottom...
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