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Keenan sent us this fantastic ghost pic of her baby's spirit - a ghost on TV watching her...

"I have been having a lot of paranormal activity in my bedroom, which is my favorite place in the house
to be.  I consider myself a budding psychic and I can feel spirits when they are around me, as well as
images.  Often I will feel someone sit on the foot of my bed, when I am the only one home after I get my
kids off to school and lay back down.  Also, I have felt a warm tingling sensation and pressure as if
someone is stroking my arm and back; and sometimes face and hair.  I know that they are just the
spirits of the ones I love, who have passed over.  I recently purchased a Kodak C340 digital camera.  
Whenever I feel a presence, I reach for my nightstand and grab my camera.  I have had lots of
vibrating bright orbs.  Yesterday, I kept feeling a tingling sensation stroking my shoulder, so I snapped
a picture quickly.  I noticed an orb only.  Today I loaded the picture into my computer, and was
surprised to find a face in the screen of my TV set.  I believe that it is the spirit of my baby daughter I
miscarried.  I had a wonderfully surprising reading last year with a famous male TV psychic with the
initials J.E., and he told me that she is with me all the time, as well as my grandparents."
ghost on tv
ghost on tv
Above & below:  Close-up of the ghost on the TV set.
ghost on tv
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