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Karen Buchholz, Proprietor of Malloy's Pub & Pool sent these ghost pictures from their haunted pub in
Terre Haute, Indiana.  Their web address is:

"Knowing I have a haunted pub (Malloy's Pub & Pool has been registered as such with Indiana
Paranormal), we take photos and videos now and then of areas where some of the heaviest activity
takes place.  The night these pictures were taken, the upstairs pool hall was totally dark. We used a
night vision camera.  The (first) picture is just as it was taken....simply a view across the length of the
room of nothing in particular. We just wanted to catch the room as a whole. There was no one standing
across the room from us, yet we saw a dark figure in the picture. This man/ghost has been seen
several times on security cameras and reflected in a mirror. He moves things around, opens doors, and
makes noises (footsteps, boxes dropping and being dragged, etc). He seems to be very kindly.

The second picture I'm including was that same picture run through a photo program to be zoomed and
cropped, and the "auto enhance" feature was used because the image was so dark.  It wasn't manually
"enhanced" in any way.  

The third picture was taken either a minute or so before or just after, and  shows a large, well defined
orb in the chair that the apparition was resting against. That shot was taken, because we had already
gotten activity caught on video in that area.  It was just coincidence that we got the chairs in the frame.
The two pictures were random shots, taken at arm's length without focusing on anything in particular.
There are several other evidential pictures taken that night, but (naturally) the one of the apparition is
my favorite."
haunted pub
haunted pub apparition
Above:  Lightened, close-up of the apparition is eerie...

Below: Orb on same chair taken within moments of the
apparition ghost picture.
haunted pub
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haunted pub
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