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Carlos Padron sent us some great ghost video which appears on a cell phone video
camera.  It is small, but you can actually see this transparent spirit walk across a school
yard in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico:

"Well, the story happened 15  February 2005  in  Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.  It was on the basketball fields of the high school, “Rogers Hall.”  The ghost video was filmed with a cell
phone and the students told me that maybe it is the ghost of a student  named Cortez
that  died in a car accident.  In the text of the web page, it says that the Spanish Society
of the Paranormal and the group Do Carvalho of Portugal state that the ghost video is
Carlos' website is Yucas.Com      

We have included below the ghost video, some still shots with and without the ghost
circled.  Select the Arrow key to start the ghost video playing.
ghost video
ghost video

Update: Check this out!

"We were sitting here watching the video of the school yard ghost (the one on the
basketball court) and we played it in slow motion backwards. We noticed if you go
through it really slow and look at every detail, the ghost looks like a sillouhette. We
saw what we thought was the profile of a mouth, nose and horns.  Play it real slow,
and try to find the horns.  They are up higher at the wall in the background."   - Julie

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