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David captured a strange image with his digital camera recently...ghostly? You decide:       
"I was in New Orleans, LA a few days ago and I took a picture of a band playing and I captured this transparent woman in my camera."
new orleans ghost "I can't
figure out
what else
she can be
other than a
ghost since:  
Firstly, there
was no glass
in front of
me, so she
cannot be a
Secondly, I
took the pic
with a digital
camera, so it
cannot be a
Please let
me know
what you
"I can't figure it out.  If she walked in front of me, she should have been blurry
-- not the background.  I don't remember anyone in front of me when I
snapped the pic.  Plus, how is it that she is perfectly clear, yet we can see
right through her?"
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