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Ghost in My Room

Posted by Administrator on May 1, 2010

Last night, I stirred in my bed at about 3:30 AM. Feeling thirsty, I reached for the glass of water on my night stand, knocking it over. I got out of bed, turned the light on, grabbed some towels, and began soaking up the mess.

Afterward, I switched the light off in the bedroom and made my way down the hall to dispose of the towels. Coming back to my dark room, I paused at the doorway and looked toward the window. As I proceeded into the room, I noticed a shadow in human form, maybe 5′ 8″ in height, imaged on the slats of the blind. I didn’t see it until I noticed it slowly move downward as I approached the window.

The light from outside made me believe that the shadow figure was caused by someone outside my window trying to peer in. I walked to the window, opened the slats, but nobody was out in the yard.

“Hmm. If the shadow was not caused by someone outside my room, could it have been caused by me?” I wondered.”

I stepped back to the doorway and looked at the blinds. There was no shadowy, human figure. As I stepped closer to the window, it still did not appear. There was no light behind me that could have caused my shape to be cast onto the blinds. It was then that I remembered feeling goose bumps when I first saw the ghost. I had elected to discount my inner senses at the time. Maybe, I shouldn’t have.

At the time, I never felt afraid. Ghosts do not frighten me. They are just people.

The experience of the recent morning has caused me to wonder if I know the man whose upper torso and head I witnessed.

“Was he a friend or family member? Did someone I know die last night?” These questions fill my mind.