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Ghosts: Photos & Articles

Louis Charles

May 2012

It’s May, and we have some great ghost and spirit photos to see. This month, you’ll also enjoy learning about how you can learn to talk with ghosts and how ghosts and spirits may be trying to reach us through our electronic devices.

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Listen to My Story of Recording Ghosts!

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How about listening to an audio clip of me telling my story about working with ghosts? This is how I got started recording their voices after being skeptical but willing to give it a go. Hear some of the actual recordings from ghosts and spirits that compelled me to learn how to communicate with those on the other side!

Free Download of Helping Ghosts Chapter 3

Talk to Ghosts

Want to talk with ghosts?

Learn how to speak with ghosts and spirits by several different methods.

In this article, we explore two methods: “tuning-in” yourself and using the ghost box. Many people know how to record EVP, so we thought it would be better to touch on two other methods of communicating with those around you in the unseen.

Read: Talk to Ghosts

Now, the Ghost Pictures…

Ghost or angel on stage?

You can see the risers on the school stage. But there are no people there, and this figure is amazingly large. Some report angels, when sighted, as being big and intimidating – up to 8 feet tall. Is this an angel? A ghost? Take a look and make up your own mind.

Check-out the Concert Stage Ghost Picture

Hidden head?

Cool photograph has the head of a teen or young man in it. The trouble is that there was no one hiding under the table and the couch would be in the way of his body (if this head had one). Is it a ghost? A prank? You decide.

See the Hidden Head Photo

Is that a skull?

A professional photographer captured our next ghost photo. At first glance, the area looks odd. Then, you can see what may be a buttoned up coat – maybe, military. But what about the head? And is that a skull above it?

Examine the Newtown Ghost Photo

Female form?

Whoa – she was this island’s longest residence. Is she still residing there, looking over the operation? While on a field trip, a young school girl photographed what some believe to be the ghost of a woman.

Look closely at the Tasmania Ghost Picture

Full Spectrum Helmet Cam

Full spectrum cameras see what you can and cannot!

This item is cool because it is inexpensive and ready for you to experiment with in full spectrum. You figure out how to mount it for investigations along with your choice of an IR light source (not included):

  • Affordable – $69
  • Full spectrum
  • Small and lightweight

Full Spectrum Helmet Cam

Ghosts Communicating with Electronics?

An original ghost box.

Read about how ghosts may be trying to communicate with us by leaving voicemails, sending e-mails and using electronic devices to reach from beyond the grave. Are electronics the key to bridging the gap?

Read: Ghosts Communicating

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Best journeys,

Louis Charles, Publisher & Author

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