Archangel Stories, Types of Ghost Pictures & More!

This month, we not only share with you a fantastic angel story and Virgin Mary photo but also pages of examples of different types of ghosts found within photos. Enjoy the ride!  – Louis

Types of Ghost Pictures
Ever wonder how ghosts may appear in photos? What are the different types of ghost pictures? Now, you have something to review: examples of different types of ghost photos along with our thoughts about them!Types of Ghost Pictures

Archangel StoriesStories of Archangels!
John J. Higgins has authored two books in a series about archangels, and we are pleased to bring you his spiritual experience along with his back-story prior to writing this exciting series!

Check out Archangel Stories

Virgin Mary Picture
F. Serrantino took this intriguing photograph using a mobile phone. Was it a message to neighbors who need hope?Virgin Mary Picture

Ghost Hunting StoreVisit our Ghost Hunting Store!
Want to capture ghost photographs? Many of our customers have done just that while using our specially-altered cameras. Purchase one and go ghost hunting – for real!

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