Need to Know More About Haunted Objects

I recently reviewed the book, Haunted Stuff, by Stacey Graham.  And while it was a good read I must admit that it made me think more than provide me with answers.

haunted objects, stuff, items
We need to know more about haunted items and objects!

Most of what I have seen or read out in the paranormal community (TV’s Haunted Collector included) concerning the haunting of inanimate objects has left me wanting.

It would appear that few have experimented with haunted items to see if more could be learned about them, especially, the nagging question of “why.”

Even if John Zaffis (aka “the haunted collector” and self-proclaimed “Godfather of the Paranormal”) is right that if we remove haunted objects the paranormal activity will sometimes end, I have yet to hear or read a theory as to why or how objects become imbued with a negative spirit energy. I guess I am suggesting that there needs to be more experimentation with “stuff” that exhibits ghostly behavior in order to learn more.

It is my hope that someone takes up this charge and writes me about their findings. If not, I’ll add it to my list of things to explore in the future.  – Louis

Ghost Picture Alert!


We just received a second photo taken at the Smithsonian’s American History Museum that validates a ghost picture we had posted a few years ago.

Taken one year apart by two different photographers who do not know one another, a similar-looking ghostly head has appeared at the display case of the horse, “Winchester.” Though we have considered the phenomenon to be the product of similar lights shining on the case, or something of that nature, what is compelling is that the most recent ghost photograph has a more well defined nose and mouth when compared to the other photo. This would lead us to believe that, though similar, the face has been photographed at different phases of its manifestation.

You can see both photos of the ghost face, here: Smithsonian Ghost.

Mesmerized by the Hotel Del Coronado

hotel-del-coronado-212I had the luxury afforded me of being asked to travel to San Diego on business. My travel and room at the Hotel Del was paid for; so all I had to do was show up. And I did. After all, I had learned of this hotel’s spooky, Victorian past many years ago and thought it would be great to check it out and see if I could find some of my own ghost stories about the place. (See More Haunting at Hotel Del.)

During my few days out west, I also made a trip up from the Del to see the Whaley House haunting and really enjoyed the staff and site. Their personal stories convinced me that there is something to the tales of restless spirits that seem to make this place their haunt. I would love to pay another visit for an investigation at night if I get another chance to do so. Tip to the Reader: There are some excellent , authentic Mexican restaurants just across the street — do not miss out on this if there!

My last day at the Hotel Del Coronado, I found myself exploring its labyrinth of halls and looking into picturesque rooms and the mesmerizing architecture. It truly is a one of a kind place that reminds me of DisneyLand (or Disney World). The old hotel is just so unique and has so much personality, I could envision coming back with my family and having a great time at this resort. Every corner seemed to have a story about it, history, and that makes it really special. No wonder Disney copied it and remade it in Florida.

The more I killed time by walking the grounds, I began noticing innumerable, breathtaking views that are meant to be discovered while looking at the reds and whites of the building, the dark blue of the ocean, the green and tans of the palm trees, the bounty of floral colors in the landscaping, all set against an azure sky. Fantastic and mood altering.

The hotel staff were wonderful and seemed to enjoy their roles as if they were cast members (Disney reference again, sorry). If you take the time to talk with them, they willingly share history and tidbits of haunting that makes your stay seem memorable.

I wasn’t the only one to have had a ghostly time while there. Numerous times I overheard guests talking about their “weird” encounters or retelling (usually incorrectly) the tragedy of resident ghost, Kate Morgan. How funny.

If you get the chance to visit Coronado Island’s premier, paranormal hot spot, make sure you head west. Head west and do it.

History of Ghost Sightings, Haunted Places & Stuff!

Angels & Ghosts News!
March 2013

It’s time for more updates to Angels & Ghosts. We have some very interesting pictures of ghost phenomenon, a wild angel in a fire photograph, updated Haunted section and some history of ghost sightings. Enjoy…

– Louis

Haunted History: Infamous Tales of GhostsHistory of Ghosts - Resurrection Mary
Learn about some ghostly accounts from ages ago up to the Twentieth Century. From a Biblical account to the first known story of a haunted house to The White House, you’ll enjoy learning some phantasm-ic history of ghost sightings!

Check Out Pictures of Ghost Sightings!
Corner Ghost Picture

New, for March, we’ve added pictures of ghost activity. Some of them are real; others are suspect, in our opinion. For example, the ghost photo at left is popular on many sites. But, is it real? Find out what we think and decide for yourself!

Angel or Spirit in Fire PictureAngel in Fire Picture
L. Paxton had the photo, at right, taken when he was much younger while posing in front of a bon fire. Little did he or his friend know they would photograph an incredible angel or spirit picture. You must see it to believe the Angel in Fire photograph!

Updated Haunted Section – New!
Haunting, paranormal activity has puzzled mankind for thousands of years. We are building a section of information about haunted objects and places so you can learn more. Explore haunted dolls, hotels, lighthouses, paintings and more at our Haunted section!

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