Trigger Objects & Ghosts | Ballwin Manor Ghost | Carl Jung & Demons

Newsletter for July 2015
When people make an emotional connection with ghosts and spirits, it can bring interaction with those unseen. That is the theory behind haunting and use of ‘trigger objects.’

We also hope you’ll explore and enjoy intriguing information about Carl Jung and his belief in demons. – Louis

ballwin-manor-ghost-on-stairs-6-2015zzMAN on the STAIRS at BALLWIN MANOR?
The late Tom Halstead took this ghost photo back a few years ago using a tripod-mounted digital camera. It’s a beauty.

Thanks goes out to Missouri Ghosts for allowing us to share their evidence!

trigger-objects-ghosts-1-2015zzTRIGGERING GHOSTS to MAKE CONTACT
The association between objects that move on their own and haunting have long been reported. Why does this happen?

Can certain items be central to a haunt and emotionally-connected to ghosts?

carl-jung-on-demons-7-2015zzCARL JUNG RECOGNIZED and IDENTIFIED DEMONS
Carl Gustav Jung, the father of analytical psychology, believed in demons.

But what he identified to be the demonic blew holes in superstitious and most religious beliefs about the same.

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